Strengthen your customer relationships

Identify healthy or unhealthy relationships with your clients without relying on a CRM.

Communication Timeline

Strengthen your customer relationships

Identify healthy or unhealthy relationships with your clients without relying on a CRM.

Customer relationship intelligence depends too much on manual input

Senior management rarely have enough visibility and understanding of the relationships their company has with it’s enterprise clients. The majority rely on CRM solutions which require data to be manually inputted, and require regular maintenance and updates to ensure an accurate picture. Isaak by StatusToday requires no manual input as it uses automatic data ingestion to identify and analyse your customer relationships. It also is always up to date, providing real-time insights into relationship ‘health’ with key clients and communication metrics between your sales team and your customers.


of sales reps spend over an hour on data entry every day

$1.8 trillion

growth predicted of customer intelligence-driven companies


of companies increase customer retention with CRI


growth above global GDP for companies using customer intelligence

Understand your sales performance

Get full visibility into the performance of your sales personnel without having to input any manual data. Instead of setting up complicated reporting in a CRM to monitor your sales activity, Isaak by StatusToday provides a real-time billboard which gives you an overview of the latest communications between your sales reps and your top clients, and tells you whether or not the relationship is considered ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’.

Close more new business and reduce churn

With our AI determining whether or not you have a healthy relationship with your clients, it’s easy to quickly identify those customers who need nurturing further or who haven’t been contacted in some time. If you have a sales renewal coming up, you will immediately know the best way to approach the client depending on if the relationship is already healthy or needs further development.

Improve accounts coverage

With our AI-powered Customer Relationship Intelligence feature, get insights into the number of clients contacted by sales person or team, so you can ensure all customers are being taken care of appropriately. See the latest customer touch points by sales individual with our communications timeline feature, so that if a team member is off sick or on holiday it’s easy to pick up and understand the customer relationship straight away.

Identify your rockstars

With our Organizational Network Analysis you can see a visual map of the communications between your sales teams and their customers, easily seeing who is most connected, and who is most influential. If one crucial employee is the only person dealing with a large number of clients, it will be easy to notice and prepare backup plans in case of unexpected absences or turnover.

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