Graph of AI Powered People Analytics showing Overworking Signals

Make a difference to your workplace wellbeing

Healthy workplace habits increase productivity and team happiness. No more stress and overworking.


Make a difference to your workplace wellbeing

Healthy workplace habits increase productivity and team happiness. No more stress and overworking.

It’s hard to find actionable data about workplace wellbeing

Happy employees are productive employees. This is why Isaak was created. Isaak is an artificial intelligence that has the power to provide you with all the necessary information that would help prevent problems of stress and burnout. Gain insights into the potential for any issues before they arise. With real-time AI powered features, you are now able to detect who is most affected by overworking, who is being overloaded in their inbox and who is often the cause of the overload. Digital transformation in the workplace has led to increased connectivity pressures and overworking, but can also help you to transform your workplace into a happy and productive one.

Graph of AI Powered Email Overload Signals

269 billion

emails sent every day or 150,000 per minute


of employees feel burnout at work everyday

300 billion

is the cost of burnout in the US annually

23 million

companies are affected by this problem every year

Detect overworking signals that cause burnout

Gain insights into who is affected most regarding overtime. Acknowledge the number of hours employees are connected during the week (even when working remotely), understand how many people are working overtime and with what frequency. Discover who is suffering the most, as well as when overworking is taking place in your organization, whether late at night, during the weekend, or both. By accessing such data you will become aware of who is on the verge of burnout, allowing you to take steps to help improve your workplace wellbeing.

Identify sources of email overload to reduce stress

Identify inbound and outbound email overload. With the StatusToday email overload index, you can quickly understand not only who is overloaded in their inbox, but where the source of email overload outside of office hours originates. It’s often easy to know the one manager causing the majority of email overload, however pinpointing the second and third people likely to cause overload is often much harder. With your given wellbeing index score, you can also benchmark your company globally against wellbeing scores of other companies, and by overworking and email overload indexes.

Compare wellbeing by team

Gain an overview of wellbeing signals to keep on top of email overload and overworking. With one glance, you can identify where to make the necessary changes and improvements in areas that are suffering. Understand which teams are prone to excessive weekend and after-hours work with overworking signals, so you can prevent employee burnout. Use filters to sort the data by team or department and gain insights into their wellbeing status and how they compare to each other. Pinpoint any issues with harmful email practices contributing to overall stress levels, and use the wellbeing billboard to analyze and identify problems in internal wellbeing to prevent burnout, decrease stress and identify management inefficiencies.

Increase employee happiness

Understand who in your company is affected the most by email overload and overworking and take measures to reduce activity outside of office hours to improve happiness of employees and reduce attrition rates due to stress. Enter the employee overview insights page to pinpoint the hours when email overload and overworking are more prevalent. View the most overloaded communications by individual and see real time insights on overworking signals that could be causing unnecessary stress. With this information, Isaak helps you make better-informed decisions on where to provide support to team members and where to identify and cut back on unnecessary work to improve workplace wellbeing.

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